Here's how one film's digital survey card looks on two different Friends and Family Plans

Free Trial Sample - "The Caspian Acknowledgement" 

With the Friends and Family™ Trial Card, you'll get a questionnaire that asks audiences some basic industry questions.  The Questions/Prompts are locked in and non-customizable but this sample will give you a good idea of how our system works. If you'd like to use this trial card for a free screening, let us know!

Pro Account Sample -  "The Caspian Acknowledgement" 

With the Friends and Family™ Pro Account, users can create fully customizable film questionnaires from one of our genre templates. With a Pro Account, our team will consult with you about your film and suggest questions/prompts that will help you get the feedback you need based on similar films. 

Pro Account Forms include:

  • Questions that prompt audiences on plot mechanics, flashbacks and twist reveals
  • Most Favorite Scenes and Least Favorite Scenes
  • Industry standard questions relating to the pace of the film
  • Specific "If this, then that.." questions that dive deep into how your film's story is working
  • Questions about comparison films and how often your audience has seen then/responded to them
  • More information on the demographics of your audience

Pro Account results are emailed to you instantly when your audience leaves the theater. Click here for a sample generated from this EXACT pro card. 

For buyers and distributors,  Friends and Family is invaluable for getting a very quick but accurate feel for how an acquisition plays in front of an audience.