Use our digital platform to conduct your own screenings

If you are a filmmaker doing your own internal screening with friends, use our Friends and Family Software to get instant feedback and reports within minutes of finishing your screening. Replace paper and pencils with our digital survey cards to get the feedback you need, even in small screening settings. You’ll get standard “Top 2 Box” results, “Definitely Recommends” and a 10-15 page report compiled from survey cards specially designed for your film instantly. 


AUDIENCE RECRUITMENT for your screening


Friends and Family can recruit a specific number of audiences members (up to 200 per screening) that are tailored to your film. Unlike traditional market research and recruitment firms, with FF, you only pay per completed survey card so there is little financial risk to you as the filmmaker. Audience members are vetted and are kept under strict NDA.

This service is available only in Los Angeles and New York City for now, but we plan to expand soon!



Theater Rentals


Friends and Family can you help you choose from a wide array of theaters and screening rooms in Los Angeles, New York and London. We have a full database of pretty much every venue where you want want to screen your film complete with technical specifications and pricing info. We keep our list up to date and remove venues that have poor service, amenities or screening quality. 




Audience Recruitment, Theater Rental and SOFTWARE SUPPORT

This is our full service recruited screening experience paired with our proprietary software package. 

If you have an independent film that is ready to be screened in front of a full audience, we can recruit between 75 and 200 audience members in Los Angeles and New York, coordinate a theater venue. Audiences will be specifically tailored to your film and are drawn from a highly engaged viewer pool.

When paired with our software platform, independent producers get instant detailed results at very competitive prices.  Friends and Family can also provide security and on-site coordination. 


Film Festivals

We partner with Film Festivals to help them conduct audience surveys and tally audience awards. For years, audience awards have been conducted with ripped or scribbled-on paper forms compiled by interns. Friends and Family designs specific cards for festival audiences that can be filled out within a specific time frame after each film screening. Results are secure and cross-checked by our staff to eliminate duplicate responses and contaminated data. Contact us for more information about how we can help!

Why should film festivals partner with Friends and Family?

  • Streamlines audience voting for audiences awards in a secure manner
  •  Gives festivals better info on the audiences and demographics that attend their screenings
  • Helps festivals improve the movie-going experience, relationships with filmmakers and their sponsors
  • Year-to-year, gives festivals access to data they aren’t currently utilizing

Direct Consultation

Friends and Family is able to consult directly on a cut in post and offer analysis of the scores generated by audiences on our software platform. This consultation package is customizable and ranges from a one-off analysis report after a single screening to week-by-week meetings and a more hands on approach throughout the post-production process. 

Trailer and Marketing Reaction

The Friends and Family team is Beta Testing our software platform for trailer & marketing research. Friends and Family can recruit a test audience to rate and review your teasers, trailers and TV spots  If you’re interested in seeing how your marketing content compares against our industry norms, get in touch!

There's a large signal/noise issue in the industry right now and it is harder for content to break through. Our philosophy is that the bar has been raised and independent filmmakers need more tools at their disposal to prepare their projects for market.

Friends and Family is a scalable software that does many things as a service platform.