What is it?

Friends and Family™ is an advanced Market Research Platform specifically designed for Independent Filmmakers, Marketers and Film Festivals. Our complete list of services can be found here.


Who are you?

Friends and Family was developed, built and is used by a team of independent filmmakers, data scientists and designers. We made this platform because it didn't exist and the industry needed it and thus, we tinkered away, always looking for opportunities to help filmmakers in the post-production process and to better connect their films with the right audience. As producers, we’ve used all of the traditional market research and test screening processes and understand how those fall short of filmmakers' needs. With Friends and Family, we created a platform that gives independent filmmakers powerful tools unavailable anywhere else.  


How does Friends and Family Work?

Streaming services have disrupted independent film distribution unlike any development in the industry’s history. While a few films have enjoyed incredible festival success, sales and distribution, there is a significant signal/noise issue where many films fail to find a proper audience due to the sheer amount of content out there.

Our philosophy is that the bar has been raised and independent filmmakers need more tools at their disposal to prepare their projects for market. Friends and Family is a scalable software as a service platform that does many things.


What are some of those services?

Check out our services for the complete list, but we can provide our software program for getting instant feedback and reports on films, audience recruitment (as little as 25 people and as many as 200), theater rentals and sourcing, security, direct post-production consultation and much, much more. 


do you need to download an app to fill this out?

No, not at all. Each survey card is delivered to audiences by a unique, private link. There is nothing to download and audiences fill out our surveys on their mobile devices after the film is finished in the theater. 


How long does it take to complete a digital card?

Every custom card is different for each film but on average, it takes between 3:00 and 5:30 to complete the typical digital card. This is not only faster than paper cards but also leads to a more engaged audience and more accurate results. 



Once your audience responds, key reports will go out to anyone you designate automatically.
You’ll get standard “Top 2 Box” reports that show “Def Recs” and “Excellent/Very Good” ratings instantly.
We can send PDF reports to anyone you want.

Our instant reports also include ratings for cast, story, plot beats, pacing and favorite/least favorite scenes. You can see a sample report here. 


Where can I see a sample digital card?

You can see one for our fake action film "The Caspian Acknowledgement" here. Once you sign up, we will show you a variety of digital cards that we've created for specific genres/types of films. We've also made specific versions that address how far along a film is in editorial. We also created custom cards for a fully-finished film that is screening for marketing purposes. 



We get asked this a lot. Every film requires a specific process. 

  • Are you doing a small screening with 50 friends that you know really well?  There's an approach for this. 
  • Are you bringing 50 friends but also recruiting 100 acquaintances/strangers?  We have a plan for that, too. 
  • Do you need security to ensure devices aren’t used during screenings?  Sure.
  • Worried about screen capture and sharing tech?  We have strong NDAs and security measures to track each respondent's IP. This eliminates duplicate submissions and discourages sharing.


Where is all of my data going?

Your data is going to you and whoever you designate as a recipient of your Instant Reports and secondly, we keep copy in our secure cloud as back up. You can read more in our Terms of Service and Privacy sections, and while we do aggregate anonymous film data in order to create a baseline industry norms,  we do not share identifiable data with third parties. This is really important to use and we use practices that are equal to or better than most market research companies. 


What type of information is included in your Instant Reports? Can I see a sample?

Our Instant Reports contain several things: Industry Standard Top 2 Boxes, collated Multiple Choice answers and finally, Short Answer Question Text Reports. You can see a sample Instant Report here. Remember, this data is made up about a fake film and completed by our staff. 


I'm doing a really small screening. Is it worth using your platform?

Think about it this way: If you are doing a screening of 20 people, would you use paper cards to get answers?  If the answer is yes, then you can should use Friends and Family despite the small sample size. You can get really helpful data from even small groups of people and Friends and Family helps present and organize that information. 


What type of information is included in your Enhanced Reports?

Unlike Instant Reports, our Enhanced Reports are sent out within 3 hours of the end of a screening and contain our team's analysis of the information from a neutral third party perspective. We identify patterns and suggest solutions to common problems like pacing, subplots, character strengths/weaknesses. This be useful for any screening with over 50 participants, as there can be surprising data points. 


Can you find a room for my Friends and Family screening?

Yes! We have an extensive network of over 100 screening rooms of all sizes in Los Angeles, New York and London. Our database contains key information such as pricing, capacity and location. We can also check availability. 


Does it matter if you haven't seen the film?

Honestly, we'd love to see your film and someone from our team often does prior to creating a custom card, but in terms of report analysis, it is sometimes better to look at the raw data without any pre-conceived biases or opinions. After all, that's why we're doing this in the first place, right?


What mobile platforms do you support?

We support Mac OS and Android on almost every mobile (phone and tablet) platform available. 


Who else is using this?

We have a variety of clients from independent producers to those with films distributed by larger studios. We've helped filmmakers with tiny micro-budget films as well some of the bigger guys. We firmly believe that any film of any size can benefit from being put in front of an audience during the post-production process. 


When am I billed?

Your company will not be billed until we have mutually agreed on a customized card for your film and have picked a screening date. Sign up with us, tell us about your project and get started without plopping down your cash yet. 


Have other questions? Contact us!